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4 ways to beat a mechanical bull

Mechanical Bullmechanical bull rentals

4 ways to beat a mechanical bull.

Mechanical bulls were originally used as training devices for bull riders. Here are some tips and tricks that will help tame the mechanical bull!

  1. Hold on with your dominant hand. Hold on tight with dominant hand! Many people hold on with both hands, losing the benefit of using the second hand as a balancing tool.
  2. Squeeze with the thighs.Use your leg muscles to control the mechanical bull and maintain balance.
  3. Relax the upper body.As difficult as it sounds, relaxing the upper body is crucial to staying on top of the mechanical bull. What throws most people off the mechanical bull is the change of motion or their body weight is shifted off balance.
  4. Use your free hand to balance.Try and keep a consistent rhythm to stop the body from being thrown off balance. When the mechanical bull dives forward, lean backwards to counteract the shift in weight and vice versa when the mechanical bull tips backwards. If the mechanical bull goes left, use your free hand and lean right and vice versa.

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