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Inflatable Fun Run

The Extreme Adrenaline Run Obstacle Course Race a fun run with inflatable obstacles spread throughout the running course. You and your friends will feel like kids again as you jump, dive and bounce on our custom-designed inflatables.  

9 Reasons why you need a photobooth!

9 Reasons why you need a photobooth at your next event! Photobooths are popping up everywhere. From wedding receptions to bar mitzvahs and celebrity events, they’re the perfect party favor. If you’re contemplating a photobooth for your next event, but not really sure how it works—here are 9 fabulous reasons to justify a photo booth... Read More

Photo Booth Fun facts

4 facts about how the Photo Booth started. 1. The patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1888. YES 1888! It probably was never built but still… 2. The first known really working photographic machine was shown at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. These early machines were not reliable enough... Read More

Photo Booth Attendant Wanted

Photo Booth Attendant All For Fun Rentals -Madera, Ca. $13 an hour  + Mileage All For Fun Rentals Looking for a fun way to earn some extra side cash?! All For Fun Rentals is a party rental company looking for a great personality to represent our company and to operate our photo booth at events,... Read More

4 ways to beat a mechanical bull

4 ways to beat a mechanical bull. Mechanical bulls were originally used as training devices for bull riders. Here are some tips and tricks that will help tame the mechanical bull! Hold on with your dominant hand. Hold on tight with dominant hand! Many people hold on with both hands, losing the benefit of using... Read More

Inflatable Rentals Can Promote Your Local Small Business In a Big Way

If you own a local business, you are probably well aware of the fact that the world has become a very competitive place.  It can seem difficult to find ways to stand out in today’s overcrowded marketplace. However it’s certainly not impossible for businesses with a passion to go above and beyond.  Instead of tossing away... Read More